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Wifi Vs Direct Connection

WiFi vs Direct Connection for Users

With the way the world of work is changing, it is understandable that many are under the illusion that hard-wired internet is no longer necessary – after all, with WiFi we can work from home, in a coffee shop, or from anywhere on our phones – but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best option. Don’t do away with your direct connection yet – before doing so consider the advantages it still has over wireless tech.


Direct connection

There are some key factors that make a direct connection preferable to WiFi, the main ones being speed, latency, security, and stability. A direct connection allows you to transfer your data from your computer to the internet far faster than is possible via a WiFi connection. They are also far easier to secure, which ,with the advent of rising cyber attacks, is definitely a positive.

All are very important factors that need to be discussed by any business that handles a lot of sensitive data and can’t afford any interruptions in their connectivity.



For a lot of tasks WiFi will be more than sufficient, and for many the convenience of it overrides the minimum gains achieved with a Direct connection. Also, WiFi technology is rapidly improving, shortening the efficiency gap between it and a Direct connection. However, with this being said, regardless of whether your business requires the connection speed, low-latency, and stability of a Direct connection, there are still considerations you should make before you take the plunge and go completely wireless.

The office space

If you are looking at moving into a new office space or are simply looking to update and further utilize the space you already have, it is essential you employ an IT professional to look at your internet connections. You need the space to compliment your users’ workday in every way possible, and that includes providing a connection to the internet that is unfaltering – you would be surprised just how many move into a ‘pre-wired’ office without knowing whether the connection is up to the task.

For many a Direct connection is the way to go. There are many reasons for this; for instance, a lot of phone systems require a hardware connection in order to function as they should, and many desktop computers are designed to be hardwired. With a Direct connection it is easier to diagnose and troubleshoot issues due to their single point. With a Wi-Fi connection you are also subject to many more variables – something as simple as the volume of people in a room or where the user is standing could dramatically effect connectivity.


It’s not a one or the other choice

Your office can have both if you prefer. You could, for example, use a Direct connection for heavy duty work, and provide WiFi to your visitors. The takeaway from this is that a Direct connection is the better option for your team to be using if you want them to perform those heavy-duty tasks efficiently, but you can and should also take advantage of the improvements that are being made to WiFi.


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