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Fiber Cabling

What Is Fiber Optic Cabling and Why It’s Good for Business

The modern world of work demands more, our computer networks need to transfer data much faster than was previously required.

Fiber optic cabling is growing in popularity all over the world, for some Fiber optic is a foreign term that they have little to no clue about. So, what is Fiber optic and how does it work?


What Is Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optic cable (otherwise known as Fiber cable) is a type of Ethernet cable that is made up of one or more optic fibers – from which data is transmitted through. Fiber cabling is designed to use light pulses to support long distance communication as well as data transmissions at very high speeds, it can run at speeds in excess of 100 Gbps – which is fast. It is due to this speed that is becoming the most common choice for business, home networks and telephone systems.

How Does Fiber Optic Cable Work?

Once people know what Fiber cabling is, they then want to know it works. It is a technological marvel, light travels through the Fiber cable and the light is bent at a certain angle with their own refractive index. This sounds overly complicated, but in plain language, the light bounces through the cable until it reaches its destination providing you with connectivity.


Fiber Optic Cable Types

Fiber cabling comes in two main types, single mode Fiber (SMF) and multimode Fiber (MMF). The difference between the two isn’t large, SMF is suitable for long distance applications (100km between buildings for example), and MMF is used over short distances within buildings (for computer network linking for example).

So now we know the technical side of things, what are the business benefits of Fiber cabling.

The Business Benefits of Fiber Cabling Compared to Traditional Copper Cabling:

  1. Speed

As we covered earlier in the article, Fiber is much faster than the best high speed copper internet on the market. Our businesses have a very high demand for internet access these days, with copper cabling – depending on the internet demands of your business – you can notice the internet slowing down, this isn’t a problem with Fiber cabling.

It sounds like a minor inconvenience, but slow internet speeds add up significantly over time. The internet should always benefit your organisation in terms of productivity, it should never hinder it.

  1. Cloud Access

Again, the speed and bandwidth capabilities that Fiber cabling allows, means faster access to your data and applications stored in the Cloud.

With the world of work converting increasingly to Cloud computing, Fiber optic is emerging as the best way to ensure that service is delivered to the best possible standard.

  1. Reliability

Copper Internet connectivity simply isn’t as reliable as the Fiber alternative. Traditional Copper connectivity can be susceptible to inclement weather conditions, the data traveling through them can be halted meaning that business must stop. Fiber cabling cannot be affected by electrical interference either, unless you were to physically cut them service should be – or at least very near – perfect all the time.

An unreliable internet connection can cost you a lot of money, it is unplanned downtime after all – not in the conventional sense, being in the wake of a cyber attack or natural disaster, but those few minutes a day can cost you a lot of money, with communications and productivity effected. For many, their ability to connect to the internet is their link to their client base. Reliability isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity.

  1. Signal Strength

With traditional connectivity delivered through Copper cabling, the signal gets worse the further away you get from the switch – as it does on Fiber cabling, but not nearly to the same extent. For organizations that work in large spaces, the signal strength of Fiber could revolutionize the way they do business.

These are just some of the business benefits of using Fiber cabling, as time goes on, its capabilities will only grow – you should consider a change to modern methods of connectivity.

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