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Benefits of CCTV

The Advantages of Using CCTV in Your Business.

With privacy issues always looming on everyone’s mind, CCTV cameras are a controversial issue these days. However, despite its controversy, CCTV cameras have become an essential requirement for any business, big or small. A necessary requirement for any business, but especially so for a small business where investments are small and risks are high small businesses are always vulnerable.

CCTV can be used for a number of purposes in the building in which it’s installed, including the security of its contents and any workers and residents.

In this article, we’ll run through the 5 key advantages that CCTV can bring to your business.


1 – Crime Deterrent

Installing a CCTV camera system at your premises will deter criminals from breaking into your property. Intruders look for the easy targets, that will draw little attention to themselves. The sight of a security camera implies that there is a risk of being caught and thus deterring people from committing crimes.

CCTV cameras can be used to deter theft from inside the business by leaving no area unguarded.

2 – Monitoring Activities

CCTV systems are able keep track of what is going on at the premises where they’re installed. You can monitor the activity of your employees and visitors at your business’ site, so you and your team can have total peace of mind.

Installing a CCTV system on your company premises is an excellent way to keep track of your employees’ performance. You’ll be able to monitor their timekeeping and attendance, which is useful when you’re not on site yourself. A CCTV system also lets you know whether your staff are acting appropriately and professionally. You could even use this footage for customer training purposes. For example, you could show people how to behave within the workplace, or how not to.

3 – Evidence Gathering

If you’re unfortunate enough to be the victim of a crime, having a CCTV system will provide a way of gathering evidence so you can ‘suss out’ exactly what happened. Crime can be solved far easier with additional evidence from a surveillance camera, helping place times and locations, and most importantly, suspects.

4 – Settling Disputes

Footage from security cameras can be extremely useful when it comes to settling disputes. It applies to both domestic and business situations. By referring to CCTV footage, whether it’s for dealing with family disagreements, disputes between employees, or altercations between customers and staff, you’ll be able to get to the bottom of things.

5 – Reduce Security Costs

Manned security costs money, especially when it comes to 24-hour coverage. A CCTV system helps reduce costs by providing you with eyes across your entire site, which can be viewed on any number of devices, allowing for staff savings.

Remotely monitored CCTV cameras are the equivalent of having a security guard on-site without the high costs. If an intruder breaks into a house, the homeowner may be able to stop them from entering your business. However, if they don’t stop the intruder, the police will be called immediately, followed by the business owner.

There are many further benefits to installing CCTV in your business premises, so why don’t you consider installing cameras at your company’s site and giving yourself and your staff total security in the safety of your business operations?


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